I will give Lucy.wordpress.com to the person with the most compelling reasons zand the highest paypal bid combind. I can’t look at Lucy’s site without crying so I need to let it go…..


Lucy is back to loving me again! YAY!  She licks all over my face and jumps around when I come home.  We just got back from a trip to Southern Utah and Russ took amazing care of her (3 walks per day!) So when we returned, that’s when I could feel her love again.  *whew*  I was starting to feel like chopped liver (although she would probably like chopped liver the most.)

Lucy doesn’t love me any more.  Only my hubster.  She won’t obey me, she won’t go for walks with me, she won’t go in the car with me, and she barely raises an eyebrow when I come home.  How did this happen?

Although Lucy is hearty and hale today, I realize that she is 15 years old which is quite old for a big dog. I am bracing myself for the inevitable. I spoil her rotten… pet her always, feed her  2 cans of canned dog food a day, walk her, talk to her… I will miss her so much.I don’t know.  I think this is why I take so many photos of her.  She has a whole section here (which she generously shares with other dogs)  Any advice fromother dog owners about how to handle the inevitable?


Lucy is having a Happy New Year.  Are you?

Here are the photos…

Lucy in the tent

Lucy in the tent

She is being quite melancholy and introspective lately….

Lucy in the window


Hubby’s foot 🙂